JavaHttpUploader (jhu)

Author: José Ricardo de Oliveira Damico

What is it?

  • A simple app that enables user to send big files (2GB) to other computer over http. With this software you can start and resume the uploads. The files will be break into binary parts, then joined again at the end of transfer in the target computer.
  • This small software runs in the Command Line Interface (CLI).

How it works?

  • To run jhu you will need to start the application in a local machine and in the remote machine where you want to upload de file.
    /* Server Instance */
    jhu -tserver -p9999
    /* Uploader Instance */
    jhu -tclient -p9999 -r192.168.0.2 -f/tmp/file.iso -s25000000


    /* Server Instance */
    jhu --type=server --port=9999
    /* Uploader Instance */
    jhu --type=client --port=9999 --remote= --file=/tmp/file.iso --size=25000000



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